We develop, implement and integrate Web and Mobile Software solutions tailored to the needs and business of each client, thus ensuring the combination of design, technology and strategy defined at the beginning of each project.

So our services go through:

  • Development of mobile applications on various hardware systems, for Android and iOS
  • We design websites with the latest technologies, completely from scratch, from structure to layout
  • Implementation of augmented reality in mobile applications
  • Maintenance and upgrade of mobile applications and web platforms

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a hardware or software system that gathers, analyzes and interprets geographic data on the map.

It analyzes the spatial location, computational procedures and organizes layers of information through maps, for a later analysis of data, patterns or relationships, in order to help the user or company in making more objective and intelligent decisions.

Gisgeo develops the Geocar software component from scratch.

A car fleet management solution that allows real-time transmission of the location and status of vehicles and drivers, boosting productivity and safety through the effective management of resources.

Advantages of GPS Location Software:

  • Monitor the use of your company's vehicles
  • Increase the security of your fleet
  • Increased productivity and ease of management and control process

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Sebastião Gaiolas

Visit Cabo Verde

The Gisgeo team made it possible and added immense technological value in the development of Visit Cabo Verde App, a very ambitious project, demanding in terms of deadlines and in the quality of the solution, for the diversification of Tourism in Cape Verde based on history, culture, sports and beauties. unique to this country. A competent team. A partner for the present and for the future.

Fábio Correia

EQS Global

EQS has been growing substantially in recent years, so it has been looking for companies in the market that can help and facilitate our daily lives. GisGeo Information Systems with Geocar, has been, in addition to a supplier, a partner that has accompanied and helped us in the management of our fleet.

Nuno Lopes


The Gisgeo team is to be congratulated for the quality of the work presented. They showed flexibility and perseverance, working on two operating systems with equal performance, updating our application with an appealing design. We will certainly meet again in the future!

Ivan Alves

Grupo Eleva

Simple and intuitive app to access anywhere. Undoubtedly one of the greatest qualities of the platform as it allows us to effectively manage our fleet!

Filipe Moura


I found a fantastic team at Gisgeo! Technically capable, full of energy, initiative and creativity to build solutions and overcome barriers. Responsible and competent people, with whom it is truly a pleasure to work.