Our website address is: http://gisgeo.pt.

Gisgeo Information Systems, founded in 2008, is a company specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Software Development that develops solutions for web and mobile. These solutions are designed to capture, store, analyze, manage and present georeferenced data in order to help in your decisions.


  1. Your data and GISGEO

In this Privacy Policy you will find all the information about the use we make of the personal data of our customers and users.

To maximize your experience with GISGEO, we respect your privacy and are committed to respecting the legislation regarding the protection of the privacy of our customers' and users' data and to processing this data only for the purposes identified, as well as ensuring that this data are taken care of with complete safety. They will not be used for other purposes that are not communicated here.

  1. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

GISGEO Information Systems, Lda. is responsible for collecting and processing the personal data of our customers and users in compliance with applicable legal obligations in this matter.

This collection is done through various interactions, such as when you provide us with your data when subscribing to our newsletter; when you search for our services on our pages; when you give us consent to receive push notifications on your mobile device; when you accept our terms and conditions to participate in a promotional action; to publish your photos on our platforms or on our social networks or when you become a customer of our services. This helps us to present you with a lot of relevant information about our available services and offers.

Regarding the data collected in the GEOCAR contract, as well as the data generated as a result of the use of the Service, including traffic and location data, will be processed automatically in accordance with the applicable legislation, and the processing of this data is essential for the provision of the Service. These data may be transferred and allocated to GISGEO for the purpose of providing the GEOCAR Solution to the Customer.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph, GISGEO reserves the right to use the data collected in the database as a result of using the service for purposes exclusively associated with studies, analysis and processing, in partnership or not with Research and Development or other private companies, always safeguarding the anonymity of the client company, of the names and identifications of people and vehicles that appear in that same database.

The data identified above are intended for the provision of the requested service, the management and evaluation of the relationship with the customer, the adaptation of the Service to the customer's needs, the billing of the service, the improvement and evolution of the service, studies, analyzes and processing, in partnership or not with research and development entities or other private companies.

In order to guarantee the security of the Service, GISGEO reserves the right to monitor the performance and quality of this service, in order to detect any technical failures, transmission errors, threats, viruses, computer hacking and other security vulnerabilities. , not exercising, however, through human means any control over the content of the information transmitted.

The data collected in the database as a result of the use of the Service may be kept until the end of the period during which the invoice can be legally challenged or the payment claimed or for periods that may be legally defined for the purposes of investigation and lawsuits. of a criminal nature. The data may be processed directly by GISGEO or by entities subcontracted for this purpose.

  1. Type of Data Collected

Gisgeo collects personal data from customers and their employees, applicants, end users, suppliers, website visitors, application users and job applicants. The personal data collected may include: name, address, telephone number (landline and/or mobile), email address, the name of your company or employer, financial information, among others. The nature of the information we collect will depend on, for example, the services being ordered or promoted.

  1. Purpose of Treatment

Your personal data will be processed by GISGEO for the following communication purposes:

– Sending requested information regarding products and services;

– Own marketing initiatives such as newsletters, promotions and information related to the business and commercial relationship with GISGEO;

– Clarification of questions and other customer/user support initiatives.

  1. Users' Rights

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal data and guaranteeing you the exercise of your rights.

Under the terms of the law, the user is guaranteed the right, through the email address geral@gisgeo.pt, to withdraw his consent to the processing of data for the indicated purposes at any time, whenever the treatment is carried out on the basis of consent. The exercise of this right does not invalidate the treatment carried out until that date based on the consent previously given.

The User has the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, namely the National Data Protection Commission, in the event of non-compliance by GISGEO with the obligations that apply to it in terms of privacy.

  1. Data Conservation

Users' personal data will be kept for the period of time necessary for the pursuit of the purposes for which they were collected.

  1. Security

GISGEO does not disclose any personal data of its Users to third parties without their consent, except when required by law.

  1. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

These personal data processing terms can be changed at any time and without prior notice in order to adapt it to legislative changes.

These changes will be duly published on the website www.gisgeo.pt .