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Moving Forward With You

Moving Forward With You

GisGeo Information Systems, founded in 2008, is a company specialized in the development of software solutions capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, managing and presenting georeferenced data, with the characteristics that today's digital society demands: innovation and effective performance with quality and intuitive design.

On the basis of the excellence of the products developed and services provided by GisGeo is a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in several areas, namely in Geographic Information Systems, vehicle fleet management and software development.


Delfim Pereira


Cláudio Pereira

Senior Software Engineer

Carlos Magalhães

Senior Software Engineer Geocar

Renato Scop

Software Developer

Martim Lello

Software Developer

Pedro Pinto

Software Developer

Manuel João Caeiro


Rita Lemos

UX/UI Designer

Ana Bessa

Marketing & Communication Manager

Miguel Macedo

Operations Management Geocar

Gonçalo Telles

Sales Director Geocar

Pedro Silva

Sales Account Manager Geocar

Fátima Nazareth

Product Manager WeDoVisit